Our History

High up on Rønvikfjellet, you’ll find Wood Hotel Bodø. Built out of wood, we are an outdoor resort, proudly drawing inspiration from the nature of Bodø, as well as the past and present of local traditions.

Rønvikfjellet is a place with many chapters in its history. From the landmark Turisthytta to our outdoor resort, this mountain has witnessed generations of travelers seeking adventure and solace in the woodlands. 

Turisthytta – A Beloved Institution

Built in 1890, Turisthytta, translated to the “tourist cabin”, served as a popular gathering spot for locals and tourists alike. The Turisthytta was the ideal vantage point to experience the midnight sun and marvel at the views of the sea, city, and the iconic Lofoten wall. 

Turisthytta was a also an important hub for hikers and one of the most popular excursion destinations in Bodø. It housed a café, serving refreshments for hikers heading out on, and back from, the mountain.

Turisthytta underwent several transformations over the years. In 1965, it took the shape of a modernist two-story building with expansive glass windows. Despite its popularity, the structure dilapidated and was demolished in 2016, leaving the Rønvik mountain awaiting its next chapter.

A New Lease on Life

Today, it is with great pride and respect that we at Wood Hotel Bodø inhabit this prime spot. As one of Bodø's premier hiking destinations, Rønvikfjellet boasts a network of trails that wind through the greenery. This tradition of hiking, known as "å gå på tur" in Norwegian, holds a special place in our heritage. It reflects our deep connection to the natural world and the spirit of adventure ingrained in our history.

With the construction of Wood Hotel Bodø, we want to be a beacon of progress on Rønvikfjellet. By looking forward, always with our history in mind, we mirror the ever-growing life here on the mountain. Our goal is to offer visitors a modern yet authentic experience, rooted in the timeless beauty of the Norwegian landscape.

Norwegian design and nordlænninger

Wood Hotel Bodø aims to be a great place to stay, hold meetings, enjoy good food, and fully relax. Enjoy comfortable furniture from Slettvoll, fabrics from Gudbrandsdalens Uldvarefabrik, and heavenly beds from Jensen. The lamps in our hotel are hand-blown from Hadeland Glassverk, and the carpets are made from recycled fishing nets. The fireplace is made of soapstone from Kvam, and the slate is from Otta.

But that's not all –the art you'll find in the reception and restaurant is created by Her Majesty Queen Sonja. In the rooms, you'll find pictures taken by Ann Cathrin Buchardt–a Royal Norwegian Court photographer.

A fantastic hotel is nothing without the fantastic people. Nordlænninger are known for being friendly, open and straight talkers. We look forward for you to experiencing the great people and atmosphere at Wood Hotel Bodø.